Download the USBAT-02 Linux driver

Driver for 2.6 kernels

Thanks to Daniel:

Latest known working driver: 0.5.0

Works against kernels 2.6.9 and newer.

You can also get the sources of any version from CVS, see the FAQ page for instructions.

Send your feedback to Daniel (dsd at gentoo. org), or the mailing list. We are especially interested in feedback from "untested" driver releases.

Download driver as separate source

Should work with 2.4.22 kernels now! (thanks to Martin Emrich)


Don't forget to read the FAQ.

Download driver as kernel patch

Kernel patch for Mandrake 9.1 kernel (thanks to Ron):


Kernel patch for 2.4.20 available (thanks to Pablo Bianucci, who also reported that the patch works fine)